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My April 2021 U.S Tour

A few months ago it was impossible. A tour? Flying to the US? Jewish communities celebrating Israel's Independence Day with an Israeli singer songwriter? To the best of my knowledge - I'm the only one who did it this year! Do I need to quarantine coming to the U.S? When entering New York? New Jersey? Pennsylvania? How many Covid tests do I need to take? (3) I had to look it up on a daily basis, but decided I was going to make it happen.

Pic: Tomer Yekutiel

Last year my tour was canceled. This year I decided that if there are Jewish communities that want to celebrate the Israeli Independence Day, and it's important enough for them, and they want the music I create to be a part of it - I will do everything I can to be there with them. One acoustic show turned into 4 shows, with Ido Ben Artzy , who flew in with me from Israel and 3 other amazing musicians and friends, who joined us for this mini tour.

I grouped some moments from those ten days into a two minute video. I needed this like air. The music once again took me to all sorts of places I would not have reached otherwise. Took me to people I would not have connected with otherwise.

I want to thank my band: Ido Ben Artzy Jeff Petescia Larry Cook and Uri Zelig

I want to say thank you to the communities that invited me: Jewish Federation of Greater Rochester

And of course to my second home in New York: The Bitter End. I cherish every moment. See you again soon.


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