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Home Shows FAQ

What does it mean to host a home show?
That means you invite friends, neighbors, family and people from your community to your living room or yard. The artist comes and gives a performance in your home. This way you can give your friends a special, memorable and intimate experience and support an artist you love at the same time.

What kind of arrangement will I have with the artist?
If you want to host my show, I will do my best to come to you. To make it worthwhile for me, here are 3 options for you to choose from:
1. Fixed price - you will purchase the show and cover the expenses at a price of $ 500 and up. I would love to come and perform and it does not matter how many people we get.

2. Pay what you can - No financial commitment on your part but in order for it to be fun and rewarding, we need to have a minimum of 25 people. Your guests can choose how much they pay for the show. I would ask you to tell them in advance that this is the arrangement and that they can pay a sum of their choice from the generosity of their hearts. I will also ask you to say a few words at the end of the show and mention that my fee will depend entirely on them.

3. Something in the middle - Each guest will pay $ 20 for a ticket to the show. Another option: $ 30 for a a ticket that will also include a signed album or digital file.

Do I have to provide a sound system?
No. I'll bring mine with me. It will be good for up to 100 people.

How do I know how many people to invite?
In my experience, double the amount of people you want to come. You can ask them to approve and make your life easier but still you will alwasys have some people that will cancel at the last minute.

How can I reserve a date?
Leave your information by filling out the form and I will be in touch soon.
Hopefully we can meet soon and have a wonderful evening.

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