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Not a celebration but this birthday show was most significant for me.

At first I didn't want to celebrate my birthday at all this year.

It has been such a terrible year for my people, I thought to myself, this is not the time for any celebration. Then it occurred to me: I can invite different artists from Akron Ohio on my birthday to sing their songs, sell tickets and collect money for communities that need rehabilitation in Israel.

I ended up to be such a meaningful birthday event for me.

Amazing artists took part: Angie Haze, A Band Named Ashes' Hunter Skeens, Sean Benjamin, Danny Shipley, Liron Daniel, John Benet and a special performance from my kids Maio and Libi,

We raised money for Israeli families affected by the attack on October 7th.

We didn't change the world, but this was our way of sending some love from Akron to Israel and It's Gotta Mean Something.

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