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New Music Video- It's A Damn Good Day

Why is a 76-year-old man dancing happily in the street? A year and a half ago, we probably would have answered the question differently. Covid-19 has taught many of us to appreciate basic things: the people we care about and the limited time we have to spend with them. My new music video features a 76 year old amazing dancer, dancing in Tel Aviv. Who is he? Chilik David is the 76-year-old dancer starring in the new music video. He is a former dancer in “Batsheva” dance group, an experienced teacher and choreographer. In the video, Chilik is seen dancing in the street, excited about reuniting with his grandson. In real life Chilik is a grandfather and he also dealt with the need to be distanced from his grandson due to the Covid-19 restrictions. Chilik initially hesitated to participate in the filming due to his health condition but finally agreed, and gave an exciting, heartwarming and inspiring performance. Who is the sweet boy in the video? Do I really need to answer this question? :) Let me know what you think! If you liked the video, please share it. Lots of love Rami

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